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Asia Tourist Hotel
Old Name: Benikea Hotel Asia

33 Sinjang-ro, Pyeongtaek
Gyeonggido, 17760, Korea
Tel: +82 31 664-2367
Fax: +82 31 664-7294

Hotel News

Aug 2022 - Songtan Bus Timetable PDF 

Jun 2020 - Songtan Subway Timetable PDF  PNG  SVG

May 2020 - Restaurant Map (Sinjangdong) PDF  PNG SVG

Jan 2014 - No more smoking rooms by the Korean law. Smoking areas are next to the pond on 1st floor, the botanic garden on 6th floor and the water garden on the roof top.

  • Welcome to the Asia Tourist Hotel!

The Asia Tourist Hotel is a business hotel in the heart of the Songtan Tourism Zone, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggido, Korea.

When you visit southern part of Gyeonggido or northern part of Chungcheongnamdo, such as Osan, Songtan, Pyeongtaek, Anseong, Seonghwan, Dunpo, Dangjin, etc., please consider to stay at my hotel.

With your choice, it will be your home and office in Korea.

5 Mar, 2019

Jaewon Kim, CEO
Asia Tourist Hotel

Guest Room

Room 88 various type of spacious rooms with classic design.

Bathroom with jacuzzi tub, body shower, and bidet.

Kitchenette with mid-size refrigerator, microwave oven, and sink.

Free Internet with an individual internet line and a WiFi gateway for each room

50" Smart TV with various channels and IPTV support with Youtube, Netflix, etc.

  • Breakfast Restaurant

Opens 6AM to 10AM. Cold foods such as cereals, salad, and drinks are served in buffet style and hot food cooked and served with an order. American breakfast is served mainly. Though, Korean and Japanese foods also served.

For lunch and dinner, a map is maintained for hundred restaurants with 300 meter radius.

Guest Oriented Facilities

1st floor. An open parking lot, a lobby, a coffee shop, a business center, and conference rooms.
Ground floor. A fitness club that opens for 24 hour.

Places for Relaxation

A pond and a waterfall on 1st floor, a botanic garden on 6th floor, and a water garden on roof top. These places are also designated as smoking areas.

More Services

specialized for business or individual traveler, such as 1-day laundry, commuting transportation, airport pick-up or sending, money exchange, safety boxes, local information, travel guide and ticketing, etc.

  • Front Desk

is the key place for customer support covered by English and Japanese speaking clerks ready to respond your call for 24 hour even for emergency such as health problem.

Hotel History

- Dec 1978 Chunil Hotel Opened
- 1979 Contracted with USAF
- 1997 Asia Hotel Opened
- 2003 Merged Chunil and Asia Hotels
- Sep 2004 Expanded and renovated (88 rooms)
- Dec 2004 Registered as Asia Tourist Hotel
- Aug 2010 Became a corporate
- Mar 2013 Joined Benikea Hotel Chain
- Jan 2019 Returned to Asia Tourist Hotel


- Single - 120,000 won (One person)
- Double - 130,000 won (One double bed)
- Twin - 150,000 won (Two beds)
- Family 1 - 180,000 won (Two bedrooms)
- Junior Suite - 180,000 won (with a living room)
- Family 2 - 240,000 won (Two bedrooms and two bathrooms)

Check-in time is 2 PM and check-out time is 11 AM.
Breakfast and laundry services are not included
For military related guest, group guest, and guest with reservation will have special rate with extra services.

Reservation / Inquiry

You may make a reservation or an inquiry with an email to,
a call at +82 31 664-2367,
a fax to +82 31 664-7294.

Sample Reservation Form

txt doc xls pdf


For prepaid reservation, please use

  • Your Comment  

Please leave your comment at TripAdvisor. It will help other travelers with automatic translation. It will also help me how to make my hotel more comfortable.

Based on the comments, I put latex mattress for hard bed. For slow WiFi, I installed a separate internet line and a WiFi gateway in each room.




Welcome to the Asia Tourist Hotel!

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Location Information

• Name: Asia Tourist Hotel
  (Old Name: Benikea Hotel Asia)
• Address: 33 Sinjang-ro
  Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggido, 17760
  (Old Street: 297-61, Sinjangdong)
• Tel: +82 31 664-2367
Lat: 37.079 Lng: 127.051

Public Transportation

From the Songtan Bus Terminal, it is about 500 meter to the west. From the Songtan Train Station, it is about 600 meter to the north. You may call my hotel for free pick-up from these places.
Note: You should get off at Songtan not Osan. Please also be aware not to leave your personal belongings (especially the mobile phone) behind of you.

Driving Guide

From Seoul (#1 Gyeongbu Highway)
Exit Osan tollgate → Turn left to Pyeongtaek → Go south 10km along #1 National Road → Turn right to Songtan Bus Terminal → Go west 1km → Go 30m off Sinjang Bridge → Hotel is on left side

From Busan (#1 Gyeongbu Highway)
Change to #40 Highway at Anseong joint Go west 3km and exit Songtan tollgate → Turn left to Songtan → Go west 1km along #340 Province road → Turn right to Jinwui → Go north 3km along #317 Province road → Turn left to Songtan Bus Terminal → Go west 3km → Go 30m off Sinjang Bridge → Hotel is on left side

#15 Seohaean Highway
Change to #40 Highway at Seopyeongtaek joint → Go east 20km and exit Songtan tollgate → Rests are same as Busan

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Songtan Special Tourism Zone

Songtan had been developed as the supporting community of the U.S. forces stationed at Osan Air Base since early 1950. There are 5 tourist hotels and hundreds of restaurants, shops and clubs where you have no trouble to communicate in English. It was recognized as the tourism resource for international travellers and designated as the Songtan Special Tourism Zone at 30 May 1997 by the Korean government.

It is also the important place for business travellers visiting local offices, factories, etc. People visiting places over 30 km away from Songtan still choose to stay here. While serving 60 years for international travellers, it is ever evolving as the open, secure, convenient, and comfortable place to stay for travellers from all around the world. With its characteristics, it is the key place for the internationalized city - Pyeongtaek.

When you visit the southern part of Gyeonggido or northern part of Chungcheongnamdo, please choose to stay at the Songtan Special Tourism Zone. With your choice, it will be your home and office in Korea.

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